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Human/Iratus bug hybrid


Telepathy, healing abilities, "lifeforce" requirement


Wraith homeworld



Form of government

Sovereign Hive ships, some small alliances



Out of universe information
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"The Wraith allow our kind to grow in numbers, and when that number reaches a certain point they return to cull their human herd. Sometimes a few hundred years will pass before they awaken again. We've visited many, many worlds -- I know of none untouched by the Wraith."
Teyla Emmagan

The Wraith are the dominant humanoid-hybrid species of the Pegasus galaxy who subjugate the human populations to serve them as a food source.



Wraith night vision


Ellia, a young Wraith

Being descended from the Iratus bug the Wraith share many similar characteristics with insect-like organisms - They exist as a hive-like structure, have non-verbal communication methods such as telepathy and are capable of phenomenal strength and agility. Being a hybrid they also display many physical characteristics of humans such as bipedal form, dermal follicles on the head and face (excluding eyebrows) as well as retaining all of their humanoid organs which are used during childhood, but are unneeded during adulthood. Wraith have light blue or green epidermis and yellow eyes, which are capable of seeing objects in thermal vision as well as a rudimentary night vision. The Wraith commonly utilize hibernation periods between cullings. (ATL: "Rising", "The Gift", "The Seer", "Condemned", "Instinct", "Sateda")


Wraith feeding

The Wraith appear to be able to produce offspring through meiosis possibly through their human sexual organs. Many of the drones appear to be clones created using a Wraith facility which uses some of the Wraith Queen genetic material in order produce warriors in an organic structure. Young Wraith utilize their human organs to provide themselves with nourishment through eating until puberty when they develop their abilities to survive off of human "lifeforce" and lose their human need for nourishment. (ATL: "Instinct", "Spoils of War")


"Our current feeding process gives us strength, our ability to heal, our longevity."

The Wraith have a feeding organ on their right hand which attaches itself to their victim and injects them with a enzyme which temporarily strengthens their victim in order to drain as much life as possible from their food. (ATL: "Rising", "Poisoning the Well", "The Siege, Part 3")


Wraith regeneration abilities
"As long as the cells are properly nourished, I don't see a life form like this ever dying of natural aging the way we do…and they'd be bloody hard to kill."
Carson Beckett

The Wraith have an incredible ability to regenerate which is directly proportional to how recently they have fed. The cells in a Wraith have none of the normal human inhibiting proteins which allow them to regenerate and sustain themselves for thousands of years. The Wraith are capable of living for thousands of years provided their are properly nourished and capable of withstanding immense physical stresses and infliction. (ATL: "Rising", "The Defiant One", "Submersion")


Wraith hibernation

The entirety of the Wraith culture is based on their continual culling and hibernation periods. When faced with the possibility of losing their need to feed on humans, some Wraith were very frightend with the concept of losing who and what they were, members of the Atlantis expedition were concerned that they would become like the Goa'uld and enslave the human populations of the galaxy. (ATL: "Rising", "The Queen")


A Wraith queen
"They hibernate between cullings aboard their great ships, sometimes for centuries at a time."

The Wraith periodically enter into hibernation periods on board their hives. These periods last hundreds of years however several Wraith do remain awake during this period to care for the other Wraith, these Wraith are led by a keeper. (ATL: "Rising")

Social Structure

Being hive-like the Wraith have a social structure similar to insects. The top level of their society are the queens who act as leaders on hive ships. Underneath the queens are the Wraith commanders, all male, who serve as hive commanders when queens are not on board as well as supervising the troops on the ships. There are also some male Wraith who serve as scientists. One of the lowest rungs of their social structure are the warriors, clones who are subservient to the other Wraith through mental coercion and possible genetic manipulation in their cloning. The final social order is the Wraith worshippers who serve the queens. (ATL: "Rising", "Misbegotten", "The Hive")


Main article: Wraith technology
The Wraith spread across the galaxy

The Wraith rely on mostly organic technology, the advantages being its ability to regenerate. The Wraith do have problems with power generation, their technologies functionality is greatly increased when sufficient power is supplied and even surpasses its operation when more energy is supplied. Other disadvantages make their technology unable to perform new tasks or bypass damaged systems. (ATL: "The Seed", "Enemy at the Gate", "Allies")


The Wraith attack Atlantis

The Wraith evolved from the Iratus bug feeding on humans and over time began to take on attributes of the humans. They eventually were discovered by the Ancients and a great war ensued, the Wraith quickly growing in numbers, overpowering some Ancient ships and taking the Zero Point Modules on board, using the excess power to clone their soldiers and further increase their numbers. For a century they fought, the Ancients losing to the Wraith before only the city of Atlantis remained. The final Ancients left and the galaxy was left to the Wraith. When the Wraith found themselves fighting a new enemy, the Asurans, the managed to devise a means to deactivate their attack protocol. (ATL: "Instinct", "Rising", "Spoils of War", "Reunion")

The Wraith fight the Asurans

The Wraith would hibernate for centuries, allowing the human populations of the galaxy to grow in number, then they would wake and begin culling their worlds. When they had their fill, they would hibernate once again. This process continued for 10,000 years until the Wraith were accidentally woken up by the Atlantis expedition upon hearing of the enormous population of Earth, however they were unable to locate Earth as quickly as they liked. When they learned that Atlantis was once again active, they pooled their fleet and headed for the city. (ATL: "Rising", "The Brotherhood", "The Siege, Part 3")

The Wraith sent a first wave to Atlantis but the ships were all destroyed, luckily a second wave of twelve ships were on their way. The Wraith however believed that Atlantis was destroyed at the end of this battle and left, returning to their cullings. Following the loss of Earth, the Wraith began to form alliances with one another, praying on the weak and taking their worlds, beginning a massive Wraith civil war. They further were hindered when the Asuran attack directive was reactivated and had to contend with them, not only attacking their ships but also wiping out human populations the Wraith relied on for food. (ATL: "The Siege, Part 2", "The Siege, Part 3", "Allies", "Lifeline", "The Seer")

Alternate timeline: Michael defeats the Wraith

When faced with the possibility of extinction at the hands of the Asurans, some of the Wraith entered into an alliance with Atlantis and the Travelers to stop them. Michael Kenmore began to disseminate the Hoffan drug among random human populations, so that if they Wraith were to feed on any of them, they would be killed. Some hives took it upon themselves to kill any survivors of the drug so as not to accidentally feed on them in the future. (ATL: "Be All My Sins Remember'd", "The Kindred, Part 1", "Outsiders")

Known Wraith

Main article: List of known Wraith

Alternate timelines.gifAlternate Timelines

Alternate reality: Hive ship destroyed above Earth
  • In an alternate timeline, Michael Kenmore managed to create a powerful army of hybrids and after disseminating the Hoffan drug to various worlds, waited for the Wraith to begin in-fighting and weaken one another before he stepped in and managed to defeat most of the Wraith. (ATL: "The Last Man")

Alternate realities.gifAlternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality, at least one Wraith Hive ship learned the location of Earth and managed to travel there. The hive ship launched a wave of darts before the hive was destroyed by the Antarctic Drone weapon platform, several darts were shot down and their pilots killed, but one survived and escaped. (ATL: "Vegas")

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