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This is a page detailing the various uniforms used by Stargate Command, the Atlantis expedition, Icarus Base, the Destiny expedition and other groups.


Stargate Command

The black BDU variant

The teams at the SGC wear a variety of different uniforms dependent on the conditions of the planets they are visiting, the type of mission they are undertaking and possibly even based on the team leaders preference. Each uniform is adorned with the SGC patch and a team patch.

Battle Dress Uniform

The green variant

SG Teams generally wear standard U.S. Air Force Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) in either a green or black variant. These uniforms are the typical worn by the Air Force teams at the SGC.

Desert Camouflage Uniform

The Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) is often used by SGC personnel when visiting desert planets. (SG1: "Exodus")

Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform

The Marines serving with the SGC wear the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU).

Army Combat Uniform

Some teams such as SG-25 features United States Army personnel who wear the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). (SG1: "Uninvited")

The old military variant

Atlantis expedition

Department Uniform

The Atlantis expedition had color-section-variant uniforms which denote their positions on the expedition. These uniforms were either charcoal black or khaki in color. The khaki uniforms are generally only worn by the scientist or medical personnel, while the black ones are used by the military, technical and command. Each member also wears a patch on their arm of their country of origin. Their are colored sections across the chest:

  • Black - Military personnel (Both Air Force and Marines from all countries)
  • Green - Technician
  • Blue - Scientist
  • Yellow - Medical practitioner
  • Red - Command

In 2007 a new variant was introduced which did not have the colored sections across the chest but instead had smaller, thinner color stripes across the collar bone and forearm.

The new variant

Offworld Uniform

The Atlantis teams generally wore their uniforms offworld usually adorned with a Battle vest and the patches removed. These uniforms were later replaced with a different leather-like version, all black and according to Rodney McKay these uniforms did not bunch up underneath the arms like the old versions. (ATL: "This Mortal Coil")

Icarus Base

Male Icarus Base Uniform

Icarus Base Uniform

The military officers on Icarus Base wore a unique uniform. The uniform was charcoal black and trim but still maintained a military feel. The uniform only consists of a jacket and pants while personnel generally wear other garments underneath not related to the uniform; Matthew Scott wears a black T-shirt, while Tamara Johansen wears a black tank top.

The uniforms are decorated with various insignia - the last name of the officer on the right-front side, an unknown symbol on the left, two Air Force eagles on the lapels and the Icarus base logo on the left bicep. There appears to be two variants, a male one and a more slimmer athletic female version.

Destiny expedition

Because of the nature of the evacuation from Icarus Base, many of the senior military personnel were wearing their Icarus Base Uniforms and have continued to do so for several months due to the lack of supplies.

The Desert camouflage uniform

Desert Camouflage Uniform

As Icarus Base was on a desert-like planet, most of the personnel were wearing Desert Camouflage Uniforms. It appears that some extra uniforms were brought with them to Destiny. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

Special Uniforms


Main article: HAZMAT suit

HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) is a type of protective suit worn when conditions are unsavoury for life such as contagious, corrosive or poisonous environments. Some SG-Teams had HAZMAT suits with their names on a patch. (SG1: "Revisions")