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Alaina Huffman

"Look, I know you've been under a lot of pressure, trying to keep all these people alive, in some pretty difficult circumstances."
Senator Michaels

First Lieutenant Tamara Johansen, also known as TJ, is a United States Air Force field medic and the Destiny expeditions chief medical officer.



Early life

TJ was born in 1983 to Steven and Carmen Johansen, TJ also has a sister called Sara. Her father was a tailor and taught TJ how to do stitches after he injured himself and sewed himself up. When she was young TJ used to go camping with her father in the Olympic Peninsular. TJ's sister also has two children who she is find of. (SGU: "Darkness", "Time", "Faith")

Air Force

Due to TJ not having the money to attend medical school, she took up a position in the United States Air Force as a field medic. She eventually was assigned to Icarus Base working under Dr. Simms. During her time on the base she began an affair with Colonel Everett Young, her commanding officer and a married man, during which she became pregnant. The affair ended and she had plans to travel back to Earth to attend medical school in Seattle. Two weeks before she was to leave, the base came under attack from the Lucian Alliance, TJ was attending to Dr. Simms who had been injured in the attack, however there was nothing she could do and he died. She along with 80+ others were forced to evacuate through the Stargate to Destiny. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Air, Part 2", "Earth", "Faith")


Shortly after arriving through the gate, being the only medic, was quick to work helping those injured from being flung out of the gate, including Colonel Young. Ill-equipped she had to work with what she had to help Colonel Young and inform Senator Alan Armstrong to stop taking his blood-clotting medication due to an internal injury. When Young swapped bodies with Colonel Telford back on Earth TJ was forced to sedate him to ensure that Colonel Young's body did not undergo additional stresses from being pushed by Telford, beyond what was medically acceptable. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Air, Part 2", "Air, Part 3")

Young was forced to officially reinstate her as medic and she tended to Dr. Rush after he collapsed from exhaustion. When the ship was believed to be on a collision course with a star TJ was one of two officers chosen to take the shuttle full of passengers to a nearby planet to survive. TJ was later in the mess hall with others when Eli piloted a Kino into the room and TJ told them not to encourage Eli to keep using them. Colonel Young and Lt. Scott went offworld to procure drinkable water and TJ was left in charge of the ship, after Gorman was attacked by alien lifeforms TJ attended to him. TJ devised a plan to use some of their water to lure the lifeforms through the Stargate and was the one who locked the lifeforms in a water barrel before they were sent through. (SGU: "Darkness", "Light", "Don't Encourage Him", "Water")

When an offworld team came across a two Kinos, sent from alternate timelines, one showing them being killed by alien creatures and another showing how they all died from a disease in the water, TJ had to use the venom from one of these alien creatures to cure the virus which had infected the crew. TJ was later asked by Colonel Young to perform crew psychiatric evaluations, which many of the crew were hesitant about undertaking. When Sgt. Spencer was found dead in his quarters, TJ examined his body. (SGU: "Time", "Life", "Justice")

TJ pregnant


When offworld collecting supplies, TJ became light headed, started feeling exhausted and started to vomit. She told Chloe Armstrong that she was pregnant and Young was the father and she was about 15 weeks along. She elected to remain behind on the planet because it was a better place to raise the child then on Destiny, however Young, still not knowing she was pregnant, refused to let her and the other military personnel remain. When she was 22 weeks along, she finally told Young that she was pregnant and it was her child. When the ship entered a new galaxy, several of the crew started to have vivid hallucinations and TJ discovered that they had alien ticks on them. (SGU: "Faith", "Lost", "Pain")

Lucian Alliance incursion

When news of her pregnancy spread, the crew threw TJ a baby shower. Chloe sewed a USAF t-shirt into a smaller version for the baby and Hunter Riley made a toy truck from scrap metal. Following the shower she was depressed at the idea of her child being raised on the ship and not having a normal life, Chloe re-assured her that the entire crew would look after both her and the child. When the Lucian Alliance invaded the ship, TJ was ordered to stay in the infirmary to tend to those who might be wounded, TJ was captured when the Alliance soldiers escaped from the gateroom. TJ was one of those chosen to be executed but Telford, who had arrived with the Alliance, made a case for her to live because she was a medic. (SGU: "Subversion", "Incursion, Part 1")

The Lucian Alliance commander Kiva sent her to tend to her lieutenant Varro. TJ stabilized him and then was able to tend to her own people who were injured. Kiva was later wounded and TJ was ordered to help her, she refused when she heard that the rest of the Alliance soldiers had gathered the military personnel to be executed. A wounded airman in the room took this opportunity to grab one of the soldiers weapons, in the ensuing struggle, several people were shot, including TJ, who took a bullet in the abdomen. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 2")

TJ awoke inside a wooden cabin and met with Dr. Robert Caine, who informed her that she had suddenly appeared her with her child, a baby girl, who TJ named Carmen, after her mother. Caine told TJ that the aliens who built the planet saved her baby and would be sending her back to Destiny. When TJ awoke on Destiny, Camile Wray informed her that doctors had been brought in from Earth using the communication stones and they had saved her life, however her child had died. (SGU: "Intervention")

The "mission"

TJ performs surgery

TJ was part of a team to travel offworld to gather supplies on board a shuttle, which crash landed on the planet. Sgt. Riley was crushed underneath a console and TJ was unable to do anything to help him. TJ later examines Chloe, following her memory loss and discovers the Nakai pathogen in her blood. She stops by to check on Varro and the two begin a friendship. When offworld, TJ attempts to remove an alien organism from Lt. Scott, without much effort. She then discovers that Chloe is still affected with the pathogen and uses her blood to cure Lt. Scott. (SGU: "Aftermath", "Pathogen", "Cloverdale")

With the discovery that Destiny was able to interface with the crew, TJ came to a revelation that her baby may not be alive and that Destiny merely created the simulation to help her. This was confirmed when the settlers who stayed behind on the planet returned and have no recollection of TJ arriving or of her baby. These settlers began to die and TJ attempted to save their lives, however there was nothing she could do and they died. TJ later examines Dr. Volker and discovers that his kidneys are failing and he needs a transplant. She performs the transplant and Volker recovers. (SGU: "Trial and Error", "Visitation", "Hope")

When offworld gathering supplies the team was attacked and TJ and Corporal Reynolds were taken captive by a creature. They were eventually rescued by Varro and Sgt. Greer. When the Destiny came across the descendants of an alternate Destiny expedition and found an shelter of information, including video logs from their alternate selves, TJ discovered her alternate self had developed ALS and that she too would eventually develop symptoms. When the ship was running low on power and every star was being blockaded by drones, the entire crew, along with TJ went into stasis to survive the three-year journey to the next galaxy. (SGU: "The Hunt", "Epilogue", "Gauntlet")

TJ stands brave


Morality and Wisdom

As a trained medical practitioner TJ has some order of morality in regards to humanity. She is caring and willing to help those in need, even finding ways to help these people when she barely has the equipment to do so. She has demonstrated an ability to hold other life in high regard, not treating them as enemies but as intelligent beings, and willing to risk her own life to save others. (SGU: "Air, Part 3", "Water", "Hope")

TJ gives a shot

Abilities and Skills

TJ, being a trained air force officer and a field medic, has extensive skills in combat techniques and medical knowledge. She has demonstrated sound reasoning and quick thinking to ensure missions are carried out efficiently and effectively and uses her knowledge to help all those around her. She was thrust into a position where she had to make do with what was available and uses her skills to keep people alive in extreme conditions, creating medicines, washing used bandages and using some Ancient medical devices as well. (SGU: "Water", "Time", "Hope", "Seizure")


Tj's daughter Carmen


TJ and Varro



Alternate timelines.gifAlternate Timelines

An Alternate TJ with her child, Steven
  • In an alternate timeline she was part of the team that went offworld to a jungle planet to collect food and water. During the night the team was attacked by creatures and TJ was one of the few who survived. The next night the creatures attacked again and TJ was killed. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline TJ attempted to stop the spread of a virulent disease on the ship, only to lose all of the patients and eventually succumbing to the disease hereself. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline TJ volunteered to remain behind on the ship when they believed they had found a way to dial Earth, however when the plan to dial home from within a star became unstable, she evacuated through the gate, being sent back in time over 2000 years to a nearby gate. She soon started a relationship with Everett Young and had two children, Sara and Steven. Five years later she began to exhibit signs of ALS, losing motor control and eventually dying from the disease. (SGU: "Twin Destinies", "Common Descent", "Epilogue")


  • The character originally had the surname of "Jon" and was of Asian descent.[1]
  • Alaina Huffman became pregnant shortly after SGU went into production and the writers decided to write the pregnancy into the storyline.


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