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The Goa'uld, also known as the Ettins and the Heelska, are an aggressive, parasitic and intelligent race of symbiotes who use other races as hosts. They were the dominant power in the Milky Way until the collapse of their empire in 2005. The Goa'uld are a symbiotic species who naturally exist as a serpentine creature. The symbiote is a grey skinned snake-like being with four sharp pincers at their end with four eyes around them. As the symbiote matures it develops small fins near its head, the function of which appear to be vestigial now. Goa'uld have at least 34 precloacal vertebrae as part of their physiology. The symbiote will penetrate the body of a host, making its way to the brain, wrapping itself around the spinal column and puncturing the brain with filaments attached to a primary and lateral nerve conduit, controlling all function of the brain and suppressing the hosts mind. (Read more...)

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"I'm going to curl up in bed with the largest sandwich I can find."
Rodney McKay - The Siege, Part 3

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