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SGC Control room
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Stargate Command, United States of America, Earth


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"The control room is sort of like the air traffic control tower of the base. We monitor all Gate activity from here."
Samantha Carter

The SGC Control room is the control center of Stargate Command located on Level 28.


The control room has a large view over the gate room and has five exists - a small exit to the right that leads down into the corridor, an exit to the back left that leads to the elevators, an exit at the back that leads out into a corridor, a circular staircase in the front right corner that leads up to the briefing room and a large staircase at the back that leads up to the briefing room and down a level. At the front of the room is a large control console capable of dialing the Stargate, controlling the Iris, controlling MALPs and UAVs, analyzing data and telemetry and activating the base alarm system. Towards both sides are numerous power control consoles and some equipment. There is also a large star map near the back left. (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Avatar", "Show and Tell", "Enigma", "One False Step", "A Matter of Time", "Heroes, Part 1", "Endgame")