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Jason Momoa

"He is an incredible shot, none of my guys can beat him in a fight, and he's ex-military"
John Sheppard

Ronon Dex is a male Satedan, a former Runner and one of only two alien members of the Atlantis expedition.



Early life

Ronon was born on Sateda and during his youth he was taught to hunt by his grandfather. When Ronon was six years old his grandfather began to suffer from the Second Childhood and Ronon went with his family to take him to The Shrine on Talus and was allowed to say his goodbye. When Ronon was ten he was affected with Kirsan fever and during his younger years used to play with a triple barrel shotgun. Ronon was an artist during his younger days - sculpting, sketching and writing poetry, he also used to sing, apparently to impress women. (ATL: "Sateda", "The Shrine", "Tabula Rasa", "Doppelganger", "Stargate Atlantis Season Four Deleted Scenes")

Ronon fights on Sateda

Satedan forces

At some point Ronon attended an academy on Sateda to do his military training eventually reaching the rank of Specialist. He also became close to a Satedan woman called Melena, the two being "close enough" to being married. During this time, the Satedans decided to strike back at the Wraith and Ronon was part of a team (including Tyre, Rakai, Ara, Marika and Hemi) that attacked a Wraith stronghold. Ronon saw part of the team get hit by a dart and assumed they had died, taking the rest back to Sateda, only to be followed by some darts. The darts were shot down but the Wraith began to attack the planet, Ronon and the others fought back. Ronon went to find Melena, who was working at the medical facility and witnessed her die in an explosion. Soon after Sateda fell and Ronon was captured by the Wraith. (ATL: "Stargate Atlantis Season Four Deleted Scenes", "Sateda", "Sunday", "Reunion")


Ronon was taken aboard a Wraith ship and a Wraith started to feed on him but stopped, perhaps sensing Ronon's strength. Ronon was implanted with a tracking device and turned into a Runner, being hunted by the Wraith everywhere he went. Immediately after his release Ronon killed the first Wraith who came after him. Some time later he came to a planet and collapsed, being found by a young woman, the people nursed him back to health and he left immediately the next day but the Wraith tracked Ronon down and attacked the village. Ronon continued running from the Wraith for seven years. (ATL: "Runner", "Sateda")

Atlantis expedition

Ronon was on P3M-736 running from the Wraith when he came across Lt. Aiden Ford, who was similarly hunting the Wraith in order to extract some of their enzyme, and was actually rescued by Ford, who killed the Wraith after it stunned Ronon. Ronon later came across two people on the planet and stunned both of them, taking them back to a cave he was hiding in. These people, Colonel John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan discovered Ronon to be a Runner and offered their assistance. Dr. Carson Beckett came to the planet and removed the tracking device and then Ronon returned to Atlantis. At some point Ronon returned to Sateda and sorted through what was left, taking a painting of the Satedan victory at Vetariss and part of a archway from the military academy he attended. (ATL: "Runner", "Stargate Atlantis Season Four Deleted Scenes")

Ronon kills Kell

Ronon had a guard escort him around the city for several days before he was offered a position on Sheppard's team. Despite his military background, Ronon's experience as a Runner, taking whatever he needed and not worrying about the consequences, he had a difficult time adjusting to the strict rules of the expedition. When the team was captured by the Olesian prisoners, Ronon wanted to kill those who captured him as opposed to Sheppard who ordered they should just escape and leave. Ronon later openly killed his old task master Kell on Belkan betraying Teyla's trust in using her contacts to arrange the meeting. (ATL: "Duet", "Condemned", "Trinity")

The team went offworld and discovered that a Wraith had been feeding on the population of this planet and Ronon offered to kill it for them. He tracked the Wraith through the forests. When Sheppard was infected with the Iratus bug retrovirus and turned into some form of hybrid, Ronon was part of a team to travel to a planet to find some Iratus bug eggs to be used in a cure and later helped track Sheppard down when he escaped containment in the city. Ronon went with the team to the Lantean warship Aurora and helped search the ship. (ATL: "Instinct", "Conversion", "Aurora")

Ronon and the rest of the team were captured by Ford and a team that he had assembled and given them the Wraith enzyme. Ronon, Teyla and McKay were also forcibly given the enzyme, making them more aggressive and irrational. Ford had them accompany his team to destroy a hive ship but they were all captured. Ronon and the others, without the constant injections, started to suffer from withdrawals, however they survived the ordeal and managed to escape. When Sheppard was trapped within a time dilation field, Ronon was unable to understand how time was traveling faster on the other side. He then accompanied a team to rescue Sheppard. (ATL: "The Lost Boys", "The Hive", "Epiphany")

When it was discovered that Colonel Caldwell had been taken over by a Goa'uld Ronon fought him before he was stunned. When the team found that a group of humans who were ruling over the population using Ancient technology, Ronon fought with the guards and killed the head constable, bringing down the wrath of the ruling class. When Sheppard and Weir were overtaken by two fighting entities, Ronon went after Sheppard but was shot by Weir in the stomach. (ATL: "Critical Mass", "The Tower", "The Long Goodbye")

Ronon in a Wraith cocoon

Ronon helped Teyla investigate the apparent death of Lorne's team and found wanted posters for member of the expedition with the ATA gene. Ronon was also against the expedition's plan to convert a Wraith into a human, Michael, and was not shy about showing his feelings towards this new human with hostility and mistrust. Ronon later helped track Michael down but he escaped and went back to the Wraith. Ronon helped in evacuating the Taranians from their world and almost died attempting to save the last group. (ATL: "Coup D'etat", "Michael", "Inferno")

When the expedition entered into an alliance with a hive ship, Ronon accompanied McKay aboard to protect him but they were both captured and placed in cocoons. Ronon managed to escape and freed McKay, taking him to sabotage the hive before it reached Earth. Using the retrovirus the Wraith on the hive were converted into humans and moved to an uninhabited planet but Ronon felt this was a bad idea. When Lucius Lavin came to Atlantis Ronon was one of the first few affected by his herb and became somewhat smitten with the man. (ATL: "Allies", "No Man's Land", "Misbegotten", "Irresistible")

Return to Sateda

The team visited a planet where Ronon had once spent a night and the village was attacked. The teamwas captured by the people who had been told by the Wraith to activate a beacon if Ronon ever came back and they would be exempt from future cullings. Ronon threatened to kill himself, an action which would result in the people being completely culled, in order to get the rest of the team released. Ronon was taken by the Wraith and had another tracking device implanted in him and he was dropped off on Sateda and hunted by Wraith. Ronon managed to evade the hunters long enough for the rest of the team to track him down and come to Sateda. Ronon however refused to leave and fought with the Wraith commander in charge, however Ronon lost the fight but was saved by Dr. Beckett who later removed the tracking device. (ATL: "Sateda")

Battling the Asurans

Ronon begins to hallucinates

Ronon went with the team when they made contact with the Asurans and when the teams minds were probed, Ronon was forced to fight for hours on hand in the dark. When affected by a Wraith device he began to hallucinate that they were beign attacked by Wraith and ran off to kill them, eventually beginning to hallucinate that Sheppard was a Wraith and almost killing him before the device was deactivated. When a group of Ancients reclaimed the city, Ronon went to live with the Athosians on their new homeworld and later joined the team to retake the city when the Asurans gained control. (ATL: "Progeny", "Phantoms", "The Return, Part 1", "The Return, Part 2")

Ronon attempted to meditate with Teyla however he was unable to remain awake during the process. When McKay had been physiologically advanced by an Ancient device he used his new healign powers to heal the scars on Ronon's back. During a mandatory day off Ronon hung out with Sheppard, first golfing then "capture the flag" followed by just sitting around drinking Beer. When the expedition investigated the Mobile Drilling Platform Ronon was attacked by Teyla, under the influence of a Wraith queen. (ATL: "Echoes", "Tao of Rodney", "Sunday", "Submersion")

When the Asurans attacked the city, Ronon felt unable to help due to him not having any skills in science or technical matters. When the city left Lantea and was damaged, Ronon had a large shard of glass penetrate his abdomen. He later went with the team to Asuras to steal a Zero Point Module. (ATL: "First Strike", "Adrift", "Lifeline")

Reunited with friends

Ronon went offworld with Teyla to investigate a group of people believed to be Satedans. Ronon discovered them to be his old friends Tyre, Rakai and Ara and they told them about their exploits over the past years. Ronon asked the new commander of the Atlantis expedition Colonel Samantha Carter if his friends could come to Atlantis, however his request was denied and he decided to leave the city and rejoin his people only to find that they were Wraith worshippers. Ronon was forced to kill Rakai and Ara but allowed Tyre to leave. (ATL: "Reunion")

Ronon dreams about being buried alive

Ronon was affected by an energy entity from a crystal entity and had a vivid dream about running from Wraith weapons fire through a forest before being buried alive by Sheppard. When the city was infected with a modified strain of Kirsan fever, Teyla and Ronon were the only one not affected, due to them both having Kirsan fever when young. Ronon went with Sheppard to the mainland on M35-117 to find some Enchuri plant which could be used as a cure. Ronon later helped identify a group of humans the Bola Kai who may have had a hand in the disappearance of the Athosians. (ATL: "Doppelganger", "Tabula Rasa", "Missing")

Ronon was sparring when he was injured and went to the infirmary. There, while Dr. Keller was working on him, the city went into a quarantine lockdown and Keller and Ronon were trapped in part of the infirmary. Assuming there to be an outbreak, Keller and Ronon prepared the infirmary. There attempts to open the door, thought up by Ronon after seeing Jaws resulted in failure. The two started talking and almost kissed before the lockdown ended. Ronon went back to Earth with Sheppard for Sheppard's fathers funeral and ended up having to hunt down a rogue Replicator. (ATL: "Quarantine", "Outcast")

Ronon came up for review by the IOA and Carter had Teal'c come to Atlantis to coach Ronon in how to deal with them, which inevitably ended up with the two men in a sparring match. When on their way to Earth, the Midway Space Station was invaded by the Wraith and Teal'c and Ronon attempted to take it back, instead having to go through to Earth to hunt down those Wraith who made it through. Ronon managed to pass his review, due in part to him saving the lives of everyone at Stargate Command. Ronon went with the team to one of facilities to rescue Teyla but a booby trap had the facility collapse and parts of the team were trapped. Ronon was trapped far down with Sheppard and attempted to remove the rubble that was pinning Sheppard down, however it was a fruitless effort. When they were eventually rescued, Ronon went aboard Michael's cruiser to find Teyla and helped Sheppard in disabling the ships hyperdrive allowing the ship to be destroyed. (ATL: "Midway", "The Last Man", "Search and Rescue")

A New Commander

When Dr. Keller was infected with a Wraith pathogen and began sprouting tendrils that grew around parts of the city, Ronon attempted to gain entry but was incapacitated and had his Larynx bruised. Ronon was later captured by Tyre who had been thrown out by the Wraith for failure and attempted to use Ronon to get back in, however Ronon was taken and Tyre was left behind. Ronon was given the Gift of Life and turned into a Wraith worshipper, however Ronon fought with Tyre and was stunned. Ronon had to go cold turkey on the Wraith Gift of Life but after time returned to his old self. When McKay was infected with the Second Childhood, Ronon told them about the Shrine of Talus and helped lead them to it in order to allow Mckay one final goodbye with the others. (ATL: "The Seed", "Broken Ties", "The Shrine")

Ronon looks out at San Francisco

Ronon and McKay began a "friendly" competition over Dr. Keller's affection and both of them accompanied her to M33-985. On the planet she was kidnapped by another Runner, Kiryk and Ronon and McKay went after her. When they caught up, Ronon fought with Kiryk before they decided to settle their differences and fight the Wraith who had shown up to find Kiryk. Ronon later went with Keller on board the Daedalus due to him not trusting Todd and was forced to sabotage the ship when Todd and the Wraith took control. Later Keller told Ronon that she was interested in someone else. (ATL: "Tracker", "First Contact", "The Lost Tribe")

When Michael Kenmore invaded Atlantis Ronon was one of those personnel stunned and captured. He later manged to escape and tried to gain back control but in the ensuing fight with Michael Ronon was thrown over the balcony in the gate room and injured. Ronon was later part of a team to go through the Stargate to a Wraith Hive ship in orbit of Earth and attempted to sabotage the ship so it would be incapable of attacking Earth. During a fight with some Wraith on board, Ronon was stabbed through the lung and died. A Wraith commander found him, bound his wound and restored his life in an attempt to gain inforation but the commander was killed and Ronon was rescued. He recovered on Atlantis, now on Earth, and was taken by Amelia Banks to see a view of San Francisco bay. (ATL: "The Prodigal", "Enemy at the Gate")


Ronon relaxes

Morality and Wisdom

Ronon is always on guard and ready to fight if it comes to it, and often finds it difficult to relax and let down his guard; possibly due to his time as a runner. Despite this he is a caring person who is willing to help anyone who need its, including but not limited to, those who are in danger from the Wraith, possibly as defiance towards them. Ronon has shown that he is willing to put his own life on the line to save complete strangers. Ronon tends to have a plan to escape certain situations by destroying or killing enemies and their technology. (ATL: "Trinity", "Sunday")

Ronon shoots

Abilities and Skills

Ronon has demonstrated astounding abilities in hand-to-hand combat as well as various types of melee and conventional weapons including Tau'ri, Wraith and Traveler weapons. He has also shown an amazing ability to withstand several Wraith stunner blasts before succumbing. Ronon has also developed some skills in understanding of certain technologies, particularly how to disable them, even those his methods in doing so usually require him shooting the device or technology as opposed to removing or rewriting parts. (ATL: "Runner", "Duet", "The Lost Tribe")


Ronon with Melena





An alternate Ronon sacrifices himself

Alternate timelines.gifAlternate Timelines

  • In an alternate timeline where Michael Kenmore began an aggressive attack on the Wraith and Human populations of the galaxy, Ronon, feeling that his place was no longer among the expedition who had began to scale back aid to others in the Pegasus galaxy, he left and trained his own army to fight against Michael's crusade. He got some supplies from Atlantis and had several successful missions against Michael's forces before he sacrificed himself during an attack on one of Michael's outposts, destroying the outpost in the process. (ATL: "The Last Man")

Alternate realities.gifAlternate Realities

An alternate Ronon, dead
  • In an alternate reality known due to an alternate Rodney McKay arriving on Atlantis, Ronon was a member of the Atlantis expedition and Sheppard's team in that reality and according to the Rodney McKay of that reality he is apparently "pretty similar" to the one in our reality. (ATL: "McKay and Mrs. Miller")
  • In an alternate reality, he was part of the Atlantis expedition and Sheppard's team in that reality. This alternate team went to investigate why the Daedalus had suddenly appeared, unmanned in orbit above Atlantis, not knowing it was from an alternate reality, they boarded it and it jumped to another reality. With no apparent way to get off the ship and back to their own reality, he and the rest of the team starved to death. (ATL: "The Daedalus Variations")
Ronon gets his tattoo

Behind the scenes.gifBehind the scenes

  • Before filming Reunion, Jason Momoa had a tattoo done on his forearm, without gaining permission to do it from the Stargate crew. As such it was written into the episode, where Rakai does it for him shortly after their reunion.
  • When Season 4 of Stargate: Atlantis finished shooting, Jason Momoa had his dreadlocks cut off as the weight of them was causing him headaches, whiplash during action scenes and tearing of the roots if the hair. The hair was sewn back onto him for the filming of Season 5 where it was going to be cut off in Reunion. However Syfy overruled the decision and Jason was given a custom made $10,000 wig.

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