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"You're a good man, Sergeant, I know that."
Everett Young

Master Sergeant Ronald Greer is a male Tau'ri, member of the United States Marine Corps, former personnel of Icarus Base and a member of the Destiny expedition.



Young Greer

Early life

Greer was born to Reginald and Angela Greer and would often receive abuse from his father who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, having to perform tedious tasks for no reason and would be locked in small space, leading to mild claustrophobia. One day when going through his fathers old war relics, he was discovered and his father drove him into the city and left him there, forcing him to walk back. When arriving home, he found his house on fire and ran in dragging his mother out and then going back for his father, who received burns. Years later Reginald died and Greer, having lost a scholarship, joined the military in order to make a difference. (SGU: "Lost")

Icarus Base

In 2009 Greer was assigned to Icarus Base where he had an altercation with a superior officer, Colonel David Telford, striking him, being confined in a cell and was to be charged. When the Lucian Alliance attacked the base, Greer was freed by the base commander Colonel Everett Young to help in the defense and evacuation of the base. Greer helped blast open a collapsed hallway and rescue trapped people before going through the Stargate to the Ancient vessel Destiny. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")


Shortly after arriving and the crew discovering that the ships life support was failing, Greer helped search the ship and threatened to shoot Dr. Rush when he attempted to fix the problem, despite Eli's objections that it would cause more damage than actually help, but was talked down by Lt. Scott. When the ship dropped out of FTL and the Stargate dialed a planet, Greer was part of the team to travel there to find the material needed to replenish the life support. When it was discovered that the other team on the planet was going back to the Stargate to tray another planet, taking the remote and stranding the others, Greer went to stop them and was forced to shoot Dr. Franklin in the leg to stop him from leaving. Running low on time, Greer trekked across the desert to located Lt. Scott and bring him back before the ship jumped back into FTL. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Air, Part 2", "Air, Part 3")

Greer awaits death

Greer was sent to the shuttle to help Scott figure out some of its features and later came across a Kino floating through the corridors, startled by it and drew his weapon. When it was found that Destiny was on a collision course with a star, a lottery took place to determine who would be allowed to escape on the shuttle and Greer was not chosen. When Sgt. Spencer argued to the others not to allow this to happen, Greer knocked him out with the butt of his weapon. During these last few hours, Greer took a walk with Colonel Young and then spent the final time naked in his quarters, awaiting the end. Luckily the ship was actually using the star to recharge and was not destroyed. (SGU: "Darkness", "Light")

When it was found that a small organism was on board the ship, consuming all of the water, Greer created a makeshift flamethrower to deal with them. Greer wanted to be the one to trapped these organisms and get them off the ship, but was ordered to leave while Lt. Johansen trapped them in a barrel. Greer did help carry the barrel to the gate and throw it through. When the International Oversight Advisory developed a plan to dial Earth while the ship recharged in a star, Col. Telford switched bodies with Col. Young to enact the plan and had Greer locked up once again. Greer encourage Scott to go against Telford's orders but he was unwilling to help as it would endanger them and the others. (SGU: "Water", "Earth")

Greer was helping a team search the ship and discovered the Neural Interface Chair and by this time he was having a sexual relationship with Dr. Lisa Park. When Sgt. Spencer did not show up for duty, Greer went looking for him, finding his dead body in his quarters. When Col. Young was implicated for Spencer's death, Greer suggested that the military just impose their control and put Young back in charge but Young warned him not to do such actions. Camile Wray, who had been put in charge, had Greer taken off the active duty list, which he believed was due to her believing he was responsible for Spencer's death. When the ship came under attack by an alien threat, Greer helped Scott on the shuttle defend the ship. (SGU: "Life", "Justice", "Space")

When the civilian crew mutinied against the military control, Greer and Young used the inter-pressure suits to bypass the lockdowned ship, enter an area under civilian control and let the other military personnel in. Greer and Lt. James detained several civilians in the mess hall. When Destiny came into range of an artificial planet, Greer was part of a team to travel to the planet, where he tasted a Kiwi-like fruit (before it was tested) and then spent a month on the planet gathering supplies for the ship. When an altercation arose between one of the military and civilian personnel, Greer ordered them both to work together and love it. (SGU: "Divided", "Faith")


Greer awaits rescue

Greer was part of a team to travel offworld to examine some ruins and had to face one of his fears by entering a dark small tunnel system, where he was forced to fire upon a Giant spider which inadvertently caused the tunnel to collapse trapping the team. A little later Greer was covered in rubble when the tunnel he was in collapsed on him. Believing him to be gone, the rest of the team, left to attempt to get back to Destiny before it left. Greer awakened later and got himself out, running to the gate but the others had already left. He established a camp near the gate and waited for rescue, tormented by hallucinations of his father. Eventually he was rescued when a team from Destiny arrived and brought him back to the ship discovering that the others had not made it back. Scott apologized later to Greer about leaving him on the planet, Greer stating that it was not necessary and that the two were more than fellow officers, they were friends and brothers. (SGU: "Human", "Lost", "Drop the Sirs")

Back on board

Greer helped defend the ship from an attck, commanding a team patrolling the ship to defend should the ship be invaded. When a Tick-like parasite was brought aboard, Greer became infected and began to hallucinate, believing that the civilians were once again attempting to overtake the ship. Radioing Col. Young, Greer hallucinated that Young ordered him to use deadly force to stop them, taking Camile and Rush prisoner and was about to kill them, when he was stopped by the other military personnel. (SGU: "Sabotage", "Pain")

Lucian Alliance invasion

Believing Col. Telford to be working with the Lucian Alliance, Rush switched bodies with him and Greer was posted as a guard to ensure Telford did not roam the ship. When Telford and Young began a physical confrontation, Greer stopped them and began to beat Telford, only to be stopped by Scott. When the others protested Young's actions which appeared to be killing Telford, Greer was calm and waited for Young's orders and when Telford's brainwashing was broken, Greer was part of a team to set up a defensive line awaiting the Lucian Alliance invasion. When the Alliance gained control over part of the ship and it was discovered that the ship was in range of a binary pulsar, Greer and Scott put on the inter-pressure suits to fix the shields however the Alliance prevented them from re-entering the ship and had to run the length of the ship to gain entrance at an airlock. Greer and Scott perform reconnaissance on the Alliance soldiers and then make a run at the infirmary to rescue Lt. Johansen and any others before Rush's plan was enacted to stop the Alliance. (SGU: "Subversion", "Incursion, Part 1", "Incursion, Part 2", "Intervention")

The "mission"

Greer leads a team

Greer was part of a team to travel on the shuttle to a planet to gather supplies, when it crashed on the planet. Greer then went with some others to find the Stargate, locating it buried under rubble. Greer went aboard the seed ship Destiny docked with and was the one who found dozens of empty stasis pods revealing the ship to have many aliens aboard and Greer helps drag the unconscious Rush out of the ship. Greer was against allowing the remaining Alliance personnel out into the ship to help and had to restrain Simeon and had him sent back to his quarters under guard, watching him for several hours. (SGU: "Aftermath", "Awakening", "Pathogen")

Greer was part of a team to go offworld for supplies and had to help bring an infected Scott back to the Stargate. He then created a defensive barrier and more fmaethrowers to defend against a virulent organism while TJ attempted to cure Scott. On the ship Greer notices a growing bond between Eli and Ginn, one of the Alliance personnel and arranges to be called away so the two can be alone together. Greer once again has to confront Simeon and when Simeon kills Ginn and escapes from the ship, Greer was part of the team to go after him, getting badly shot and had to be taken back to the ship. (SGU: "Cloverdale", "Trial and Error", "The Greater Good", "Malice")

Greer was resistant to Scott spending time with Chloe, who was slowly being taken over by an alien pathogen believing it to be a mistake as she will soon be gone. Greer visited Chloe and asked her to dissuade Scott from seeing her and when asked if he would be the one to end her life should it come to that, he said yes. Greer wears an inter-pressure suit when he explores a derelict ship and has to help defend Destiny from an attack by automated drones. Following the battle, Greer takes part in a mission to retrieve one of the drones for study. When the plan to dial Earth when in a star was reenacted, Greer was guarding the bridge so Rush would not be able to sabotage the plan. (SGU: "Visitation", "Resurgence", "Deliverance", "Twin Destinies")

Greer returned to Earth using the communication stones where he was trapped in Homeworld Command when a Lucian Alliance ship crashed into the building, Greer having his leg injured in the event. Greer, along with Wray had to located a Naquadria bomb on the ship an deactivate it before it detonated. Discovering another survivor who turned out to be an undercover Alliance solder, Greer killed him. When Dr. Volker was found to have his kidneys failing and Greer was found to be a match, he offered it to Volker. Greer took the sick Volker to the garden to watch the stars before his surgery. Following the surgery Greer developed an infection but recovered. Going offworld Greer failed to shoot a predator which then attacked the others, kidnapping TJ and Reynolds. Greer led a rescue team but eventaully only him and Varro were left, Varro went off to cause a distraction so Greer could get to TJ and Reynolds, coming face to face with the predator, not shooting at it, the predator recognized them as intelligent and let them leave. On the way back to the ship, Greer shot and killed a Space deer which was cooked up for the crew. (SGU: "Alliances", "Hope", "Seizure", "The Hunt")

Greer is put in stasis

Greer was part of a team to go offworld where he was recognized by one of the inhabitants, later found to be descendants of an alternate crew of the Destiny. When the drones arrived and attack, Greer helped defend the people. Greer later goes on a mission to Novus, the planet where their alternate selves started a massive civilization, finding the planet abandoned they head to an underground fallout shelter and rifle through the supplies and information contained there, Greer making note of a supply of beef jerky. Greer goes offworld with the majority of the crew when Destiny recharges in a blue super giant star, making the ship temporarily uninhabitable, having to defend the others from drones that arrive. Later when realizing that their only chance of survival against the drones is to go into stasis for three years and head to the next galaxy, the crew enters the stasis pods however some require repair and Greer accompanies Scott and Morrison offworld to gather supplies. Afterwards Greer joins the other senior personnel in eating the remaining food that would spoil before taking his place in a stasis pod. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue", "Blockade", "Gauntlet")


Greer stands his ground
Greer defends others

Wisdom and Morality

Greer has a strong sense of morality, willing to put his own life on the line, even for people he does not care about. His moral compass is biased towards those in the military, putting them ahead of the civilians, especially if the civilians brake the rules. Over time he learns to trust the civilians, although this may be because he was ordered to get along. Greer seems quick to anger, attacking those who hurt him or his fellow officers in some way. Greer is very loyal to his fellow officers considering them as close friends or family. (SGU: "Air, Part 3", "Space", "Divided", "Faith", "Subversion")

Abilities and Skills

Greer is strong, both physically and mentally, rising to the challenges of fighting off aliens, giant spiders and other people. Despite the trauma he suffered as a youth and the abuse his father gave him, he refuses to let these things affect his mental health, dismissing the hallucinations of his father who told him he was not good enough. As a marine he is highly trained in unarmed combat and weapons use. He had skills in tracking across various terrains and since coming aboard the Destiny has developed skills in using some Ancient technology. (SGU: "Air, Part 3", "Human", "Lost", "Divided", "Intervention", "Resurgence")

Greer and his father


Greer and Park




Alternate timelines.gifAlternate Timelines

An alternate Greer and Park
  • In an alternate timeline, he was part of a team to travel offworld to gather food and water. The team began to feel the effects of a disease and were forced to remain on the planet through the night, where they were attacked by nocturnal creatures. Greer survived the attack but was killed the next night. (SGU: "Time")
  • In another subsequent timeline, Greer was part of a team to travel to this planet to gather a sample of these creatures venom to cure the disease, however Greer was killed when the team was attacked in the night. (SGU: "Time")
  • In an alternate timeline, Greer offered to remain on board when a chance to dial Earth arose, however the ship became too unstable and he was forced to go through the Stargate with the others. They ended up on another planet 2,000 years ago before retreating to a more habitable planet where they started a new civilization. Greer and Lisa Park had four sons, three daughters and fifteen granchildren. (SGU: "Twin Destinies", "Common Descent", "Epilogue")


  • Greer was originally named Ron "Psycho" Stasiak [1], but was changed in January 2009 to Ronald Greer.[2]


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