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Fair Game, Rite of Passage, Metamorphosis, Stargate: Continuum


Jacqueline Samuda

"Nirrti is the Goa'uld who wiped out all but one survivor of P8X 987, along with four members of the SGC, in an attempt to destroy Earth's Stargate."
Daniel Jackson

Nirrti was a Goa'uld and a former System Lord.


Nirrti was experimenting on the Hankans attempting to create a Hok'tar, an advanced host, in order to gain more power. When Stargate Command made contact with the Hankans, Nirrti stepped in an wiped out the Hankans and the resident SG team on Hanka using a virus, leaving one living girl Cassandra with a growing explosive device within her, in order to destroy Stargate Command. Nirrti was invited to act as a representative for the System Lords at a treaty summit on Earth. Nirrti used a cloaking device to attack Cronus, another System Lord on order to stop Earth from be included in the Protected Planets Treaty as well as remove possible competition. She was caught and taken back by the System Lords for punishment. (SG1: "Singularity", "Fair Game")

When Cronus was killed, Nirrti managed to escape and started to rebuild her empire. Nirrti was recalled to Hankan when SG-1 found her lab and followed them back through the Stargate to Earth, where she attempted to gain a sample of Cassandras DNA in order to further her research. When she was caught she offered to cure Cassandra of the abilities which were killing her in exchange for a sample of her DNA, which was accepted and she was released. Nirrti journeted to P3X-367 finding the inhabitants dying of a plague, she offered her help, actually a ruse to experiment on the people. Nirrti gave them advanced abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis. SG-1 arrived and helped convince the people that Nirrti was not a god. One of those people who had gained an ability, Wodan killed her. (SG1: "Rite of Passage", "Metamorphosis")

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