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"...this is Malek, commander of the Tok'ra base we just evacuated."
Jacob Carter

Malek is a Tok'ra and a member of the Tok'ra High Council.


Malek was serving as the commander on a base when it was attacked by Anubis and escaped to the Alpha Site. There he was very distrustful of the Jaffa living on the base and took part in using the Za'tarc detector to discover the identity of whoever was responsible for the death of those on the base. When it was uncovered that an invisible Ashrak was responsible, the personnel were split into teams to try to find it, Malek was with a Tau'ri and Bra'tac. When they were attacked, Malek watched as Bra'tac was dragged off, only to be accused by Teal'c of leaving him to die. Malek helped Major Samantha Carter devise the means to make the Ashrak visible so he could be dealt with. (SG1: "Allegiance")

Malek was called to Pangar to examine a Goa'uld queen and the Tretonin that the Pangarans were manufacturing. When it was discovered that the queen was Egeria, the origin of the Tok'ra, Malek demanded that she be released, however the Pangarans refused to comply, as doing so would halt the manufacture of Tretonin and kill thousands of their people. Kelmaa, another Tok'ra, gave up her host so that Egeria could speak, Malek was honored to be in her presence and was given the solution to the Pangaran's Tretonin dependence as Egeria's final act. Malek brought her body back to the other Tok'ra. (SG1: "Cure")