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"That's the story of my life. Growing up, I skipped three grades. I graduated at fifteen. Got my bachelor's degree before I was even old enough to vote. I missed out on a lot of things. Any kind of social event. You know, parties. And dances...I don't ever remember a time in my life where I belonged."
— Jennifer Keller

Doctor Jennifer Keller is a female Tau'ri, serving on the Atlantis expedition in the medical division before becoming the chief medical officer.



Keller's graduation photo

Early life

Keller grew up in Chippewa Falls and was skipped three grades, graduating high school at age fifteen. She then attended college where she gained her bachelors degree, however she missed out on many social events such as parties and dances, due to her feeling that she did not belong. In medical school she confided in her partner in biology class of her fear of the movie Alien and he hid a live snake inside a cadaver they were working on to frighten her. At some point her mother died. (ATL: "Quarantine", "Missing", "Doppelganger")

Chief Medical Officer

Keller joined the Atlantis expedition and following Dr. Carson Beckett's death she was assisgned as acting chief medical officer by Dr. Elizabeth Weir, despite Kellers reservations that she was unqualified for the job. When Atlantis was forced to flee Lantea, the Asuran Stargate satellites beam grazed the central tower and Dr. Weir was badly injured and Keller had to perform a decompressive craniectomy in order to save her life and then worked with Dr. McKay on reactivating the nanites in Weir to save her life. When Colonel Sheppard brought back a malevolent energy creature inside him, it eventually made its way to Keller, who experienced a graphically violent dream. (ATL: "First Strike", "Adrift", "Doppelganger")

Keller attempted to stem an outbreak of a mutated strain of Kirsan fever in the city but she too started to become affected by it, losing her memories and was taken to the mess hall. She was part of a group that attempted to break out of the mess hall and was stunned, later she and the others were cured and regained their memories. Keller accompanied Teyla Emmagan to New Athos for a routine medical checkup of the Athosians, finding the entire village deserted. The two found a injured man called Nabel Golan and Keller gave him medical attention, but they were soon captured by the Bola Kai and interrogated, Keller managing to give up a fake address to them. Discovering that Nabel was not who he claimed to be and knew where the Athosians had gone, Keller was forced to shot and injure him. Returning the Atlantis, Keller gave a checkup to Teyla and discovered that she was pregnant. Keller traveled to Vedeena to provide medical attention to a seer called Davos discovering
Ronon and Keller
he had lymphatic cancer. (ATL: "Tabula Rasa", "Missing", "The Seer")

When Atlantis went into a quarantine lockdown, Keller was stuck in part of the infirmary with Ronon Dex. Attempting to blow the doors open to get out failed but they prepared the infirmary for what they believed to be a viral epidemic which had locked down the city. The two developed a romantic interest and were about to kiss but the lock down ended and the doors opened. Keller lost interest in Ronon after he appear to show no interest in her. She accompanied Dr. McKay and Colonel Samantha Carter to M5V-801 to try to get the inhabitants to relocate to a safer area when all three of them fell through the ground into an old Genii mining facility. They attempted to get out but failed and Keller almost fell into an open pit, luckily she spotted an alternate passage out and the three escaped. Back on Atlantis Keller asked McKay out for a drink. (ATL: "Quarantine", "Trio")

The Hoffan plague

Keller was investigating a plague that devastated several planets discovering that the Hoffan drug created by Dr. Beckett had somehow been inseminated on these planets and was killing off 30% of the population. When Beckett was found alive, Keller discovered that he was in fact a clone and was suffering from a degenerative condition that would kill him. She attempted to find a cure but was unable to, so Beckett was placed in stasis. Keller accompanied a team to M2S-445 after several personnel had been trapped in a collapse, she patched up Lt. Col. John Sheppard so he could command a rescue mission, despite her objections that he was too badly injured to be going. (ATL: "The Kindred, Part 1", "The Kindred, Part 2", "Search and Rescue")

Keller infected with a Wraith pathogen

Wraith pathogen

Keller managed to synthesize a cure for the clone of Beckett and he was removed from stasis. Keller feel asleep in her lab, waking up to find a strange substance on her hand, removing it and returning to her quarters. She was to accompany Teyla Emmagan the next day but failed to show up, so Teyla went to find her. McKay had to open her quarters and they found her in her bed with numerous tendrils growing out of her, infected with a Wraith pathogen. Keller was unable to move and began to hear voice in her head, Beckett managed to create a Phage that would combat the effects and Keller was cured. (ATL: "The Seed")

Back to work

When Tyre, a Satedan who had been made into a Wraith worshipper, was brought to Atlantis, Keller had him restrained while he suffered from withdrawal of the Wraith enzyme. Keller had to do the same for Ronon Dex who had been captured and turned into a worshiper as well. After McKay was infected with the Second Childhood, Keller attempted to find a way to cure him helping him maintain a video diary to track his progress; during this he admitted his feelings for her. When it was decided to take him to Talus to visit a shrine that was rumored to cure him for a short time, Keller ordered that he would not be moved, however she was talked into it. When it was discovered that the shrine released a form of radiation that forced the parasite inside McKay to move, Keller attempted to operate and managed to remove it from him. (ATL: "Broken Ties", "The Shrine")

Keller later managed to come up with a gene therapy which would remove the Wraith's dependence on feeding on humans and she was taken to meet with Todd and inform him of her findings. Todd stated that it would be difficult to present this to his alliance without a queen on board and so Teyla was drafted, Keller helped Todd perform surgery on Teyla to make her look like a Wraith and then later undid the process. Keller went offworld to help provide medical attention and was kidnapped by a Runner called Kiryk who took her to a young girl who was sick. Keller convinced the runner to allow her to help him remove the tracking device however she was unable to operate and so had to use a Defibrillator to damage it. (ATL: "The Queen", "Tracker")

Keller went aboard the Daedalus to further her research on the gene therapy when the ship was taken over by Todd. Keller and Ronon managed to evade the Wraith and Ronon stated to sabotage the ship, Keller however turned herself in after Todd threatened to kill the crew. Ronon rescued her as she was being taken to the hold and the two managed to free the rest of the crew. Back on Atlantis Ronon expressed his feelings in her and she stated that she was interested in someone else. Following this Keller was in Janus' lab on Atlantis and touched a long-range communication stone unaware that it was active and had imprinted on her. Richard Woolsey later came to her for an examination. (ATL: "First Contact", "The Lost Tribe", "Identity", "Remnants")

Keller in Neeva's body about to be executed

She went back to Earth to visit her father but took a detour to attend a secret conference with McKay. There a dangerous device threatened those attending and Keller attended to a man that was half frozen. Later she attempted to use a cell phone to contact Stargate Command for help but was trapped in a freezing room that was filling with water, luckily McKay came to rescue her. When it was discovered that Todd had implemented Keller's gene therapy and accidentally created a dangerous disease that affected the Wraith and his hive ship, Keller attempted to find a means to cure it but was unable to, so Todd left to find a cure for himself. (ATL: "Brain Storm", "Infection")

With her imprint on one of the long-range communication stones, Keller found herself in another woman's body on another planet, where she was captured and sentenced to death. About to have her head cut off, she was saved by the woman's companions, Bordal and Jannik. The two became suspicious of her erratic behavior and threatened to kill her, luckily the long-range communication device was disabled and Keller returned to her body, currently being operated on by Beckett. When Atlantis was on its way to Earth to battle a ZPM-powered Hive ship, Keller and her team prepared the infirmary for injured personnel. With the battle won, Keller joined the other senior staff on a balcony overlooking San Francisco. (ATL: "Identity", "Enemy at the Gate")


Keller does research

Wisdom and Morality

Keller has demonstrated a caring and compassionate personality, willing to help others even when she was in danger. She was not willing to bring others to harm even when her own life was in danger. When her research was put into use by Todd which resulted in the numerous deaths of Wraith she was upset that her research had been used in such a way. As a medical doctor Keller has immense knowledge on medical topics and biology. (ATL: "Tracker", "Identity", "Infection")

Keller performs surgery

Abilities and Skills

Keller attended college at a young age and finished her first degree before she could vote. She has obviously demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skill in her field to become part of the Atlantis expedition and then to be chosen as Chief Medical Officer. She has shown great skill in diagnosis and surgery using only the basics. She has also shown skill in theoretical and experimental medical processes, successfully creating a synthetic cure for the Beckett clone as well as a potent gene therapy for the Wraith. She has even been trained in some hand-to-hand combat techniques. (ATL: "Quarantine", "First Strike", "Tracker", "The Shrine", "The Seed", "The Queen")


Keller and McKay


  • Unnamed - Father
  • Unnamed - Mother


An alternate Keller

Alternate realities.gifAlternate Realities

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An Asuran Keller
  • In an alternate timeline Dr. Keller attempted to provide medical aide to the numerous populations affected by the Hoffan plague but was prevented from doing so by the International Oversight Advisory. She decided to resign her position and leave Atlantis, spending much of her trip back home with Rodney McKay, the two of them developing a relationship. She started her own private practice but a year later she began to suffer from the effects of continued exposure to the Hiffan drug and died. (ATL: "The Last Man")

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