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Athos, New Athos


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"You'd be hard pressed to find an Athosian who has not experienced loss at the hands of the Wraith."

The Athosians are a race of humans native to the Pegasus galaxy.



Halling prays to the ancestors


The Athosians are like many other human populations in the Pegasus galaxy, the only physiological difference they share is that some of them have traces of Wraith DNA in their genetic make-up results from Wraith experiments on their ancestors. Athosians also differ slightly from humans from Earth. (ATL: "The Gift", "Sanctuary")


An Athosian greeting

The Athosians are a very peaceful, gentle and spiritual people. They have a strong basis for cultural and social decorum that they gained from the Ancients whom they worship was deities. There are some prayers which are uttered onto the Ancients and meditation is a common practise among the Athosians perhaps as a means to follow in the Ancients footsteps of ascension. (ATL: "Hide and Seek", "Echoes")

There is a greeting and farewell notion used by the Athosians as a sign of appreciation and respect where the two will lean forward and momentarily press their foreheads together. The Athosians have a cycle of time where they will take a rest day every four days and will drink a stout tea before dawn each day to brace themselves for the coming day. The Athosians view the accusation of serving the Wraith to be the biggest insult as they would be indirectly responsible for the deaths of their own people and their family. (ATL: "Rising", "Sunday", "The Siege, Part 1")


Jinto and Wex play

Because of the constant threat of the Wraith, Athosians will teach their children not to live in fear. A popular game among the Athosian children is to play a Hide and seek game where the seeker will dress as a Wraith. Jinto and Wex played a different version of the game where the Wraith was in fact hunted by the other who would play as John Sheppard. There is a rite of passage among the Athosian children where they will be abandoned in the forests and left there for 10 days to fend for themselves and learn the skills that one day may save their lives. The coming of age is also a celebrated event among the Athosians. (ATL: "Hide and Seek", "Missing", "The Kindred, Part 1")


Athosians have several celebrations and festivals to commemorate various events such as coming of ages and death. A common celebration among the Athosians is the Tendol feast. During this feast the Athosians will drink a beverage called Ruus wine, which according the Sheppard is tasty but has a hell of a kick to it. (ATL: "Missing")


Among the Athosians it is very rare to know the time and place of ones death due to the constant fear of Wraith cullings. When one knows that death is upon them they will perform a ritual prayer to prepare for death. When one of them dies due to old age the others will gather together to perform the Ring Ceremony and prepare the dead for the journey to the next life. (ATL: "Thirty-Eight Minutes", "Critical Mass")

Athosian technology


The Athosians used to fairly technologically advanced living in advanced cities. Even after the great culling and their decline in civilization the Athosians still have some knowledge of technology and even still have some of their old technology such as fire starters. (ATL: "Rising", "Hide and Seek")


A depiction of the Great culling

Early history

Several hundreds of thousands of years ago, the building blocks of life were seeded on many worlds including Athos and eventually led to the evolution of the Athosians. The Athosians eventually became a technologically advanced society with large cities and technologies such as Fire starters. When the war between the Wraith and the Lanteans began, their entire civilisation was almost wiped out during the Great Attack, they had to abandon their technology and flee to some caves to survive the culling. After this event they were reduced to a smaller, nomadic society surviving as hunters, farmers and traders. The Athosians became renowned traders and forged many alliances and trading routes with many worlds in the Pegasus galaxy including the Genii, Orlin's people and the Belkans. (ATL: "Rising", "Underground", "Trinity")

The Athosians meet the expedition

Several generations ago some humans were culled and some of them were returned after being experimented on by a Wraith scientist to make the feeding process more efficient by introducing Wraith DNA into them however the experiment was abandoned when these humans were able to tap into the Wraith physic network. These humans were returned and many of them began to act strangely and eventually became violent and murderous, most of them were killed and the rest were ostracized but the Wraith DNA had already been disseminated through part of the population and the ability to sense the Wraith had been passed on, including among the Athosians. (ATL: "The Gift")


The Athosian Settlement on Lantea

When the Athosians made contact with the Atlantis expedition, their village was attacked by a Wraith culling party after one of their tracking devices was inadvertently activated. The surviving Athosians relocated to Atlantis and those who were captured by the Wraith were later rescued and rejoined their people on Atlantis. Dr. Elizabeth Weir was hesitant at allowing the Athosians to help with security and the Athosians were further suspected of working with the Wraith when many of the expeditions offworld teams encountered the Wraith. Knowing that they may have to leave Atlantis, they opted to go to the mainland on Lantea to both live free and provide food for the city. (ATL: "Rising", "Hide and Seek", "Suspicion")

The mainland

The Athosians defend Atlantis

The Athosians moved onto the mainland and began exploration. They had hunting parties search for food and began farming, building their settlement. When a storm was approaching the mainland that threatened to destroy their settlements and their crops, the Athosians were evacuated back to Atlantis and went through the Stargate with the majority of the expedition to Manara. Following the storm, the Athosians returned to the mainland to rebuild. When Atlantis was coming under siege from the Wraith the Athosians were evacuated back to the city and then helped scour the city looking for the Wraith who had beamed into the city. (ATL: "The Storm", "The Eye", "The Siege, Part 1", "The Siege, Part 2")

New Athos

The Athosians, imprisoned

When the Lanteans on board the Tria reclaimed Atlantis, the Athosians had to relocate offworld. They found a planet and once again set up their settlements. Despite being offworld the Athosians still had regular contact with Atlantis and the expedition, sending word of a mysterious hero back and even visiting the city on occasion. Some time later Michael Kenmore discovered the Athosians on their world and kidnapped them all. (ATL: "The Return, Part 1", "The Return, Part 2", "Echoes", "Irresponsible", "Tao of Rodney", "Missing", "The Seer")


Teyla was captured by Michael and put with the rest of her people but only those who were still alive and had not been turned into hybrids by Michael. These Athosians were eventually rescued and returned to Atlantis. Later some surviving hybrids had been managed to be turned back into humans and eventually were allowed to rejoin their people. Following this the Athosians left Atlantis either returning to New Athos or to the mainland on M35-117. (ATL: "The Kindred, Part 1", "The Kindred, Part 2", "Search and Rescue", "The Seed", "Enemy at the Gate")

Known Athosians

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